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Night Life: Ten Years of Light in the Dark


This book traces the evolution of the Mobile Attendant Care Service (MACS), a small service established in 1992 to provide personal care assistance to people with disability during night time hours. The service is centred on the individual with disability and aims to provide individuals with the freedom to live an independent life with flexibility and spontaneity.,,The book explains the development and management of the service, and the expected roles and attitudes of attendants. The main challenge faced by the service is to maintain quality individualised support as it grows to support more people.,,Much of the story is told through the quotes of users and staff , which powerfully highlight the enormously positive impact the service has on the lives of its users. MACS is an uplifting example of an organisation providing self-determination and fostering relationships of mutual respect between users and staff. ,

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Jan Dyke
Publication Date
24 May 2005
Person with disability
Individualisation, Professionals, Self Determination, Community Development, Health

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