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New Hampshire Self Determination Project (Part 1)

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For the Keene, New Hampshire region to redefine what community could be for persons with disabilities, they started out by looking at a set of 'simple truths' which recognised that while all communities have people with disabilities as members, barriers (with or without intent) have been put in the way of people with disabilities. These have worked against community inclusion. The final truth is the recognition that the choice is there to continue the isolation or to work towards self-determination. Their vision is for people with disabilities to be seen as vital and integral members of their community and the six goals to achieve this are described. The article highlights the experiences of Ron, Bonnie and Patty, who have all experienced positive changes in their lives as a result of this vision being followed through. (See File No. 10723 for Part 2). Keywords: Self Determination, Inclusion, Individualisation

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Barrs, Sally et al.
TASH Newsletter, Vol.2, No. 7
Publication Date
1 January 1995
Self Determination, Inclusion, Individualisation
United States

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