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My Child's Future


My Child's Future' addresses the fact that, for many people with disabilities, relationships outside paid workers and family don't happen naturally. This means that families need to purposefully work towards building up relationships in their family member's life. It is a manual designed to help families focus on their son or daughter's real needs, gathering others around them to help them achieve what it takes. (This could be, for example, planning for their son or daughter's future home.) 'My Child's Future is a great tool for families, and contains worksheets to help parents put a plan in place for the time when they are no longer a part of their child's life. It's not surprising to find that there is a heavy emphasis on relationship-building. Keywords: Individualisation, Families

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Maunder, Mike
Continuity Care Inc & Continuity Foundation Inc.
Publication Date
1 January 1997
Individualisation, Families

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