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Merging Interests: Aging and Persons with and without developmental disabilities

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"Today, institutionalisation as an elderly person increases for us all as we age, not just for persons with developmental disabilities. The struggle to sustain a sense of worth... results in a merging of interests of both groups in old age". Uditsky argues that as generic and specialised community support adapts to an aging population in general, people with developmental disability have a unique opportunity to join with others in facilitating community inclusion for all senior citizens. He believes that there is more potential to effect positive change if aging people with developmental disability link with the seniors' movement in their efforts. Uditsky gives a brief summary of a project that is being undertaken in support of persons with developmental disabilites who are aging. Keyword: Aging

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Uditsky, Bruce
Developmental Disabilities Bulletin, Vol 22(1)
Publication Date
1 January 1994

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