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Mandate for Quality: Volume II, Missing the Mark: An analysis of the Ontario government's Five Year Plan


This is the second publication in a series of three, that were designed to assist Canadians (but the theory and philosophy were relevant to Australia) in the development of services and support for people with intellectual disabilities in the move from institutional life to one that was more community based. This volume applies the framework developed in Volume 1 (see File no. 3061) (which set up a set of criteria for analysing deinstitutionalisation efforts and concurrent efforts to develop community service systems) to an analysis of a plan and implementation process in Ontario. The series is historically relevant in that it examines the physical and value based push from institutions to more community based services. Keyword: Community Development

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McWhorter, Alan
National Institute on Mental Retardation, Ontario
Publication Date
1 January 1984
Community Development

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