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Living in the community: Independence, support and transition

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This article covers a broad range of topics of relevance to the Inclusion Collection: community or independent living, inclusion, individualised supports and what has been termed 'transition'. The author analyses the main paradigm shifts within the independent living movement - from one based upon rehabilitation to one based upon support. Within this analysis she also looks at definitions of 'choice' and 'self determination'. She then focuses on the 'supportive living' paradigm which is more than simply concerned with housing. In the last section the implications of all the above development and changes for professionals, families and allies are discussed in terms of the movement of people from school to adult life (transition). An excellent 'overview' article. Keywords: Community development, Theory. Searchword: Accommodation

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Racino, Julie Ann
Rusch,Fet al (eds), Transition From School to Adult Life:Models, Linkages & Policy
Sycamore Publishing Company, Sycamore, Illinois
Publication Date
1 January 1992
Community Development, Theory
United States

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