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Linda's Story

Written Material

Linda's Story is an inspiring account of the life her son Jacob who is 10 years old, and how his life is so typical of many children of the same age. Jacob has severe disabilities but after a year of special school and deterioration in his behaviour, Linda decided mainstream education was the way to go. At this school, Jacob has made many good friends, he is learning many interesting things and expectations of him are high. Linda admits that choosing the option of mainstream school for Jacob was not easy, as inclusion in the classroom fluctuates from year to year depending on the style of teaching. One year Jacob's teacher and principal decided to visit the special school that Jacob attended for one year to obtain some ideas on programming, curriculum adaption and modification. Keyword: Education, Integration, Inclusion

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Hughes, L.
Written Material
Unknown - Presentation to Ed. Minister John Watkins
Publication Date
15 November 2002
Education, Inclusion, Integration

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