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Let our Children Go: an organizing manual for advocates & parents


Let our Children Go' describes how parents can fight for the needs and rights of children and adults with disabilities. It begins by stressing the importance of working out your personal values before undertaking advocacy efforts. Areas covered in the manual include: identifying allies, identifying community needs and practical strategies to respond to those who resist changes. The manual is interspersed with personal examples of individual parent's advocacy. The final chapter, 'Action', gives valuable information on a diverse range of ways to undertake advocacy efforts. The manual was published in 1979 and therefore is dated in some aspects (e.g. It quotes letters which use labelling language). Nevertheless, "Let our Children Go' is worthwhile reading for families (and their allies) wanting to develop advocacy skills. Keyword: Advocacy

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Biklen, D
Human Policy Press
Publication Date
1 January 1979
United States

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