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Although this booklet is 12 years old, it was obviously quite groundbreaking for its time, for it begins like this "Any discussion of the leisure life of mentally handicapped people must be placed in the context of the leisure life of ordinary typical citizens" (p.1) - this context includes the pattern of working life, a person's age and role, the norms of family and community, and the dictates of the leisure industry. This then becomes the framework by which the author discusses leisure and people with intellectual disabilities, highlighting important contextual considerations (in developing leisure options for people) such as the fact that for people without disabilities there is really no such thing as enforced leisure, even though this seems to be an ongoing occurrence for many people with intellectual disabilities. It should, however, be read in conjunction with more recent information (e.g. File No.'s 3106 & 3107). Keyword: Social Activities

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Wertheimer, Alison
The Campaign for Mentally Handicapped People (UK)
Publication Date
1 November 1983
Social Activities

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