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Knowing about knowing: Margin notes on disability research

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This is an excellent article for professionals involved in research around issues that affect the lives of people with disabilities. It is an article that plainly presents what research should be about - that is, it is an article concerned with ethical professional practice. It opens with the statement that people with a disability (especially intellectual disability) and their families are marginalised as 'knowers' within our society's knowledge-producing systems. This has historically meant that as a result (and also as a cause of this marginalisation) research has be done 'to' or 'on' people. The author therefore moves towards an ethical framework for research - one that values people as 'knowers', one that is about empowering people with disabilities, and one that means research becomes a tool for social change. Keyword: Ethics

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Felske, Aileen
In Disability is not Measles Rioux, M. and Bach, M. (eds)
Roeher Institute, Ontario
Publication Date
1 January 1994
United States

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