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Jacob's Story


Jacob’s story is a short film which features the journey of a teenager in year eight, at his local government high school. Jacob is an engaging and active member of his school and community.
In this film you will be taken on a journey with Jacob and his family and friends to a place where Jacob’s future looks bright and full of promise and opportunity.

As you will see in the film a leading factor to this promising future is the importance of Jacob’s regular schooling as a key part of his whole of life.

“We really would encourage that people think about their child's life holistically, as a whole, going beyond school because school is only just one part of their whole life. But it certainly sets them up for having a good life after they leave school”. Annette Bush, Jacobs mum.

Family Advocacy believes schooling is a natural progression for a child as they learn to become an adult, form their own viewpoints, determine who are their social peers and delve into their own self and what they believe in.

This important aspect of our lives is no less vital for a person with developmental disability and in fact, it could be argued, is actually even more crucial as they find their way in this world.

We encourage you to share this film broadly with families, educators and others who aspire for students with developmental disability being schooled among their peers in the regular classroom.


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1 May 2014
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