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Integration & Inclusion in Action


This book has been written for teachers and for students in the education field, with discussion questions appearing at the end of each chapter. It includes chapters on philosophical principles and educational policies in relation to children with special needs; advice on making the transition process as smooth as possible; and practical advice on areas such as assessments, classroom practice, curriculum modification and use of computer technology. There is a comprehensive section on teachers as agents of change. Note: Family Advocacy has concerns with parts of this book, particularly in the authors' use of the terms 'inclusive education' and 'integration'. Family Advocacy does not agree that 'Inclusive education ... leads to integration and mainstreaming'; rather, "Inclusive Education" means the education of all children, regardless of disability, in their local school in regular classrooms (with the necessary support). Keywords: Education, School age, Integration

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Foreman, P.
Harcourt Brace
Publication Date
1 January 1996
Education, School age

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