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Innovation in the Way People with Disabilities can be Supported to Live and Participate in Community Life

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When Kerrie Chernets, a young woman with a disability, wanted to move out of her family home, her options were limited and didn't offer what she was seeking. Kerry's mother Gillian realised that Kerry's needs could be met by forming a housing co-operative for people with a variety of abilities and disabilities. This, together with support provided by NABORS, has given Kerry the opportunity to live in her own apartment. At the same time, she is living in an 'intentional' community, providing her with a place to contribute and be supported, as well as having control of her life and the opportunity to make new friends. Keywords: Accommodation, Friendship

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Chernets, G
Down Syndrome: Living & Learning in the Community
Nodel & Rosenthal
Publication Date
1 January 1995
Accommodation, Friendship
United States

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