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Inclusion of Older Adults with Mental Retardation in Leisure Opportunities

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Including aging people with intellectual disability in community leisure options can bring about increased opportunities and personal empowerment. The authors identify six considerations that can impede the inclusion of aging people with intellectual disability in community leisure activities: changes in health status and social networks; limited access to community leisure options; underdeveloped skills; lack of opportunity to make choices, and lack of appropriate support services. Appropriate support can be offered by creating new services which have an inclusive focus or by converting existing segregated programs. The authors describe one such program. They emphasise using support staff to foster natural supports, as well as focusing support around individuals' preferences. Keywords: Aging, Social activities

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Browder, DM & Cooper, KJ
Mental Retardation, Vol. 32, No. 2
Publication Date
1 April 1994
Aging, Social Activities
United States

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