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Including all students in the general education curriculum

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An article specifically related to the concept of 'curriculum' as seen in most western countries. The authors argue that the way we think about 'curriculum' needs to change; from seeing it as a standardised, sequenced set of "pieces of knowledge" that children must learn in order to be successful, to seeing the curriculum as a vehicle for students to learn how to learn, understand, appreciate, adapt to and use (to the best of their ability) what is available in the world around them. A teacher uses the curriculum to challenge every student to achieve as much as possible. This is part of a general educational reform strategy, and is also away to think about including and to include students with disabilities in regular classes as learners and achievers. Keywords: Theory, Education, School age

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Stainback, Susan and William
Network Volume 4 Number 2
Publication Date
1 January 1994
Theory, Education, School age
United States

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