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How to avoid the seven pitfalls of systematic planning: A school and community plan for transition

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Transition services are intended to provide young people with access to relevant post secondary educational opportunities or employment/meaningful day activities. The authors offer a process of 'systematic planning' to achieve these goals, but also a list of seven 'pitfalls' that may impede such a process and ways to avoid them. Two important points emerge from this article. Firstly, the importance of a working team of persons representing critical roles found in local school and community settings. These people focus not only on the individual student but also the skills and demands that student will be required to meet in any community setting. Secondly, that there are no 'model' programs for transition planning. Programs defined as 'models' work only because people involved will not let them fail, rather than because they are meticulously engineered. The process will be different for each student, team, school and community. Keywords: Transition, Individualisation Searchword: Professionals

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Smith, Garnett et al
Teaching Exceptional Children, Summer
The Council for Exceptional Children
Publication Date
1 January 1995
Transition, Individualisation
United States

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