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How are we assisting young people with disabilities to move to adulthood?

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This is a synopsis of a much larger qualitative research study which examined transition from school to adult life in one local community. What this synopsis shows is that there is still a long way to go with regards meaningful and long term transition planning - a lack of inclusive educational practices, differing expectations about the future for the young people involved, poorly coordinated transitional planning, a lack of involvement of families (mostly not through any fault or decision by the family) and generally restrictive views on employment opportunities for young people by both families and professionals. The research did show, however, that supported employment was incredibly important for the young people who were involved and that it can work with the right principles, commitment and resources. Keyword: Transition

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Gallivan - Fenlon, Amanda
TASH Newsletter Volume 20 Number 9
Publication Date
1 September 1994
United States

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