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Has Person-Centered Planning Become the Alchemy of Developmental Disabilities? A Response to O'Brien, O'Brien, and Mount

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In this article Holburn and Vietze discuss some of the concerns raised by O'Brien, O'Brien & Mount regarding the implementation of person-centred planning, including the evaluation process. They also discuss the difficulties of an organisation remaining true to the person-centred planning process and suggest that organisational flexibility is the key to where person-centred planning should occur (person-centred planning will not work in bureaucracies). They believe that new planning efforts should incorporate new thinking, new experiences, and different kinds of resources; in addition it is important to have input from people outside the service system. The authors also suggest that a new - and less prescribed - approach may develop in the future. Keyword: Individualisation

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Holburn, S & Vietze, P
Mental Retardation
Publication Date
1 December 1998
United States

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