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Gino, his parents and his grandparents

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Gino is four years old and has physical disabilities. This article describes how an extended family has come together, driven by cultural values, to participate in Gino's care and develoment. This has seen Gino's mother work full time to support the family financially, while Gino's father Franco (who has the strength needed to life and carry Gino) has become the primary carer. Franco's parents now share the family home and are able to contribute in ways which have enriched the household and which Franco believes have given them a new sense of purpose. Despite the difficulties encountered with transport and specialists, the family has a positive attitude and actively involve themselves in giving Gino the attention and support he needs to develop. Keywords: Cross Cultural, Families

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Llewellyn et al
Families with Young children with Disabilities and High Support Needs
University of Sydney
Publication Date
1 April 1996
Cross Cultural, Families

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