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Full inclusion at Helen Hansen Elementary School*

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* Elementary = K-Yr. 5. This is a great article by a principal detailing a systemic and personal shift from a segregated primary school to an inclusive one. The principal details his fears but also his underlying belief that children with disabilities deserved an inclusive and appropriate education. Originally the primary school moved to a situation of segregated classrooms (integration), but he realised that such a situation just wasn't working. He writes very powerfully, "I experienced an awakening I did not understand...", full inclusion occurred because "..the staff at Hansen Elementary School decided to value, accept and welcome all children.....". An excellent example of school-based leadership. Searchwords: School-age, Professionals. Keywords: Education, Inclusion

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Jackson, H
Villa et al (eds), Restructuring for Caring and Effective Education
Paul.H.Brookes, Baltimore
Publication Date
1 January 1992
Education, Inclusion
United States

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