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From Behind the Piano: The building of Judith Snow's unique circle of friends


A powerful little book that tells the story of a Canadian woman, Judith Snow, and her circle of friends she dubbed her 'Joshua Committee' - "for blowing down the walls of the world so she could get in". It is written by one of its members, Jack Pearpoint (we have other books of his in this collection). Really it is just a story about friendship (rather than about formal committees etc.), about simply doing what needs to be done because of this imperative, regardless of personal cost. But it is a great lead into how informal friendships can make a powerful base for a more formalised 'action group'. Judith Snow is an amazing woman. There is a copy of a speech she made in the back of the book. See also File No.'s 3116, 3144. Keywords: Friendship Self Determination. Searchwords: Advocacy, Inclusion, Individualisation

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Pearpoint, Jack
Inclusion Press, Toronto, Canada, 2nd ed.
Publication Date
1 January 1992
Friendship, Self Determination

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