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Friends: A manual for connecting persons with disabilities and community members


"This manual is for anyone who is interested in supporting a person with disabilities to widen his or her circle of relationships and develop deeper friendships. It describes the processes we used in the Friends Project **, strategies and methods which we learned were effective or non effective, observations based on our experiences, and real life examples....This manual does provide concrete suggestions about relationship building that we hope will be useful...However, we don't intend that these steps be turned into 'programs' or 'recipes'. Community and friends are about spontaneity, celebration, and genuine affection...". ** The Friends project was a one year project whose purpose was to learn about and develop methods for the staff of residential service agencies to support people with disabilities in establishing friendships with non disabled people in their communities. Keyword: Friendship

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Novak Amado, Angela et al
Human Services Research and Development Centre
Publication Date
1 January 1990
United States

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