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Framework for Accomplishment


The reader is going to have to be prepared to 'dive right in to' this one (and it is worthwhile). It is a workshop manual and as such is based upon the premise of 'learning by doing'. One can still read and learn, however. As a means of improving service quality, 'Framework' places the individual firmly in the centre. The most fundamental question for people concerned with developing high quality services is "How can we use our resources to assist the people who rely on us to live better lives?" There are 5 linked 'accomplishments' that focus and guide people in this task. Each springs out of a common vision for an individual. The 5 describe worthwhile consequences of service practices and activities and are based upon vital dimensions of human experience; 1. growing in relationships; 2. contributing; 3. making choices; 4. having the dignity of valued social roles; 5. sharing ordinary places and activities. Keywords: Professionals, Individualisation

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O'Brien, John and Connie Lyle
Responsive Systems Associates, Georgia, USA
Publication Date
1 January 1988
Individualisation, Professionals
United States

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