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Fools and heretics: Parents' views of professionals

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Goodey powerfully and straightforwardly exposes the philosophy of exclusion in this article. He names the complex of systems, knowledge and professional 'expertise' in the lives of people with disabilities and their families as a facade. Underneath this facade are already made decisions about people's acceptability as human beings. It is this, he argues, rather than a body of technical knowledge, that both drives the behaviour of professionals in their interactions with parents and frames decisions about people's lives, futures and place in society. Goodey spent a number of years conducting in-depth interviews with parents of children with Down syndrome in an English borough and uses their comments to suggest that 'inclusion' (rather than 'exclusion') is the natural way within the majority of families. Keywords: Families, Professionals; Searchwords: Advocacy,Inclusion

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Goodey, Chris
Learning for All: Policies for Diversity in Education
Publication Date
1 January 1992
Families, Professionals

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