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Families & Positive Behaviour Support: Addressing Problem Behaviour in Family Contexts


The purpose of this text is to present current theory, practice and research on positive behaviour support (PBS) within families of children and youth with developmental disabilities and problem behaviour. PBS is a collaborative, assessment based approach to address problem behaviour that is underpinned by person centred values. A central theme of the book is the philosophy and practice of PBS that guide assessment, behaviour support and implementation of plans within the family setting. A key feature of this book is the way in which the perspective and experiences of families are interwoven with the perspectives and experiences of professionals. The book also includes essays and chapters written by parents such as "the Joy of Mapping Jason's Future" p 79 or "Planting Seeds of Hope: A More Positive Assessment of Glen" p78. This book is intended for professionals, families, students and researchers, and most especially those looking for positive ways of dealing with complex behaviours in the home environment.

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Joseph M Lucyshyn, Glen Dunlap, Richard W Albin
Publication Date
24 May 2005
Attitudes, Families, Friendship, Inclusion, School age, Professionals, Pre-school aged, Individualisation, Education
United States

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