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Eugenics Bill - China: Eugenics is not a cure

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The first of these articles is a description of the disturbing eugenics bill submitted this year to the Chinese parliament whereby the state will use abortion and sterilisation "to avoid new births of inferior quality and heighten the standards of the whole population". This a prime example of what Wolfensberger (the world's primary formulator of Social Role Valorisation theory) has termed 'the new genocide of people with mental retardation'; as the second article explains, this is increasingly carried out through technology and medicine rather than physical violence "but is no less brutal for that". The central argument of the second article is that society cannot be 'cured' of its people with disabilities, but what can be changed is the societal attitude that says that people with disabilities are undesirable and need to be got rid of. As the author points out, however, despite centuries old attempts to get rid of them, people with disabilities are still here! Keyword: Ethics

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Link Volume 3 Number 1
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1 January 1970

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