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Equity and Advocacy Expectations of Culturally Diverse Families' Participation in Special Education

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Set in the context of the equity and advocacy expectations of the US Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), this article focuses on families from culturally diverse backgrounds. The article identifies barriers to such families working collaboratively with education professionals. This situation inevitably impacts upon the child with the disability. The authors believe that professional education should incorporate approaches that would allow professionals to recognise the cultural underpinnings of their practice, and working towards a more collaborative relationship with families. In this way, families from culturally diverse backgrounds would have the opportunity to become more effective advocates. Keywords: Education, School age, Cross Cultural, Professionals,

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Kalyanpur, M; Harry, B; Skrtic, T
International Journal of Disability, Development & Education, Vol.47 No.2
Carfax Publishing
Publication Date
22 May 2005
Cross Cultural, Education, School age, Professionals
United States

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