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Education for all: Arguing principles or pretending agreement?

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Although this is a rather wordy article, it is useful as Slee delves into the world of 'special education' and 'integration'. Specifically he analyses the language within such 'worlds' and its contradictory nature: for example the conflict between the broader political frameworks of 'justice' and 'equity' on the one hand, and the special education deficit bound model of disability combined with economic rationalism, on the other. The end result is that 'integration' and its 'reformed special education' advocates do not challenge the disabling foundations of school organisation. Integration merely "asks for a seat at the table". Within the worlds of special ed. and integration it is parents and students who are always disempowered. Real inclusive change would therefore engage these formerly disempowered voices and would be about challenging the fundamental characteristics of schools in providing potential for meeting all student's needs. Keywords: Education, Theory

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Slee, Roger
ADR 2-95
C'wlth Dept of Human Services & Health
Publication Date
1 January 1995
Education, Theory

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