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Disabling Policies? A comparative approach to education policy and disability


This book is about integration policies. In order to develop a better deal for students with high support needs, more general questions need to be asked, such as 'What is the nature of government policy?' and'Why do some well intentioned democratic policies frequently fail?' The role of discourse as a means of articulating and legitimating different policies is a crucial aspect of the analysis and from this perspective the question of power is fundamental. A serious critique is also offered of the role of professionalism in relation to people with disabilities and specifically that form of professional discourse which celebrates the 'individual gaze' on the part of such experts. The book's concerns are thus both general, to do with the nature of government policy and Western democratic systems, and specific to education policy on disability. It is hoped by the author that through an 'opening up' of such issues, better educational policies and practices can be developed. Keyword: Government

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Fulcher, Gillian
The Farmer Press, East Sussex (UK)
Publication Date
1 January 1989

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