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Demystifying special education for regular class teachers

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A useful article for teachers or for parents who have approached their local school about the inclusion of their son or daughter and the principal and/or teachers are arguing that they don't have the appropriate skills. The authors argue that there is nothing inherently "amazing" about the way special ed teachers teach, but they have made it seem this way by shrouding their teaching techniques in mystery and developing a new terminology that only they can understand. They write, "Teaching an individual with a disability is little different from teaching any other individual. Effective teaching for any student is that which considers individual needs and takes account of the context in which learning is taking place". From this, the authors go on to document some effective teaching techniques. Keywords: Education, School age

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Gow, Lyn et al
Special Education Journal, Dept. of Education NSW, Number 2
Publication Date
1 January 1988
Education, School age

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