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Creating Schools for all our Students - What 12 Schools have to say


This book focuses on information generated at a national Inclusive Schools Working Forum held in 1994. The book covers a range of issues, problems and solutions concerning inclusive education. It addresses questions such as: "How can the school principal, classroom teachers and other staff go about planning and implementing inclusive school strategies?"; "What role do parents have in inclusive schools that is different from that in more traditional schools?"; "What are inclusive schools like?"; and "What kinds of inclusive school strategies have been found to be effective?" The book is a useful guide in promoting a single co-ordinated system of education dedicated to ensuring that all students are empowered to become caring, competent and contributing citizens in an integrated, changing and diverse society. Keywords: Education, School age, Inclusion

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The Council for Exceptional Children
Publication Date
1 January 1994
Education, School age, Inclusion
United States

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