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Constructive engagement: Improving family-professional collaboration

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The authors set a framework for thinking about collaboration by taking a family perspective rather than a professional re-interpretation of it. They ask professionals to learn from the type of collaboration that goes on within and between families. Collaboration has three important features: 1.Access-Collaboration occurs when parents can participate in ways that are natural and familiar to them and their lives; 2. Affirmation - Professionals need to develop a framework whereby parent's implicitly feel their involvement is on an equal footing with professionals; 3.Affiliation with adults with disabilities, considering most parents have had little experience with disability until they become parents. The authors move on to illustrate the implications of such an alternative framework with some examples from their work with teachers and families. Keywords: Professionals, Families

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Ferguson, Dianne Ferguson, Philip
Leskinen, M. (ed) Family in Focus: New Perspectives on Early Childhood Special Education
University of Jyvaskyla, Finland
Publication Date
1 January 1994
Professionals, Families
United States

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