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Citizen Advocacy: Its Legal Context

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Jeremy Ward is a solicitor with the Legal Aid Office in Brisbane and a member of Queensland Parents of People with Disabilities. His paper provides an informative overview of the key features of citizen advocacy and the extent to which it is similar to, and different from legal advocacy. He compares the relationship between a citizen advocate and the person with whom they are matched to the relationship between a lawyer and client. He looks at the independent, voluntary wide-ranging role of the citizen advocate as compared to the professional, focussed role of the lawyer. The wider role of Citizen Advocacy in changing a community values is also considered. He concludes that both forms of advocacy have their advantages and limitations and that both meet needs that the other cannot. They should be seen as part of a range of advocacy types which include self advocacy, Ombudspersons, Human Rights Commissions and specialised services for people with disabilities. Keywords: Advocacy, Legal

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Ward, J
Citizen Advocacy News, Vol.7(2) Feb. 1986
Publication Date
1 February 1986
Advocacy, Legal

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