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Citizen Advocacy in Local Communities

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This is a great article because it isn't just a list of "What is" and "What isn't" citizen advocacy. What the authors say is that citizen advocacy organisations are ways of supporting people in local communities to 'dwell'; not just to 'exist', but to occupy spaces, to be able to mould the landscape of where you live by your own experiences and your daily life. This signifies that you are a valued actor as opposed to a passive recipient of other people's actions. In this way, citizen advocacy is not a 'program' in a neat and formal way; it is about supporting peoples relationships which are not formal or controlled. This lack of control keeps citizen advocacy organisations 'safe' because it is people in advocacy relationships, not professionals who have the power. Keyword: Advocacy

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Ford, Des; Hindle, Heather
AAMR/ASSID National Conference
Publication Date
1 December 1988

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