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Changing from segregation to inclusion - a report on a visit to the Forest Grove School District, Oregon, USA

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This report is written about a community which has successfully transformed its whole school system (an ongoing process and challenge). What the author say was an education system driven by a conscious belief in the value of all children. She identifies a number of possible reasons why such a fundamental change was able to occur - one of the most interesting being that the process of change involved every stakeholder in the school district including bus drivers and finance administrators. She ends the report with a list of myths exploded by this transformation - for example, that parents of children without disabilities will be against enrolment of children with, and that regular teachers cannot teach all students. See also File No.'s 10555 and 3105. Keywords: Education, School age

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Ellis, Judy
Families in Focus (Family Advocacy Newsletter)
Family Advocacy
Publication Date
1 June 1995
Education, School age

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