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By June, given shared experiences, integrated classes, and equal opportunities, Jaime will have a friend

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This article tells the story of a number of people who worked together to transform the IEP (an Individual Education Plan, in a similar vein to Individual Program Plans) process. These people included Jaime (an 11 year old boy who began attending regular classes), his mum, his special education teacher, his regular education teacher and 3 of his friends. It is an excellent example of what can be achieved for a person, if people work together. It is an example of how people can transform a formerly bureaucratic process (the IEP) into a meaningful plan of action. It is also an example of the power of friendship, especially as an important safeguard for people with disabilities - as exemplified by what Jaime's friends did with him to make his transition to high school much easier. Keyword: Friendship, School age

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Bishop, Kathryn Jubala, Kim
Teaching Exceptional Children, Volume 27 Number 1
The Council for Exceptional Children
Publication Date
1 January 1994
Friendship, School age
United States

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