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Building Inclusive Capacity at School: A Practical Conversation with Educators

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This article extracts a conversation with the Deputy Principal and senior teacher of a Perth primary school which has implemented a unique model of inclusive education. The key elements of the program's success are partnership and collaboration with parents, a positive school leadership, and positive classroom attitudes. IQ is viewed as the 'inclusion quotient', with the focus being on what the system can do to include the child. Teachers work co-operatively with parents and assistants to develop educational strategies based on the child's individual needs. The principal acts as an advocate with students and their families during their transition to high school, in the hope that this model of inclusion will be adopted by the department.

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Kylie Smith and Val Evans
Interaction, V 17, 2004 p 13-20
Publication Date
26 May 2005
Inclusion, Education, School age, Pre-school aged

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