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Building Communities from the Inside Out: A path toward mobilising a community's assets


A most practical guide. The use of the term 'community' has often been criticised in the disability field. It is argued that, in reality, the communities we live in are not ideal and so often not conducive to the things we want to achieve for and with people with disabilities. This guide takes the approach, however, that all communities have 'assets' with which to begin to reach this ideal. The guide is designed to help communities not only recognise and map these assets, but to mobilise them for community development purposes. This provides an excellent context for our 'inclusive challenges': not just 'slotting people in', but engaging with our communities as a whole. While a focus of this guide is on American urban areas, in economic rationalist times this book is very much of relevance to Australia. All places - urban and rural - contain at least one of the assets these authors write about. Keyword: Community development

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Kretzmann, John and McKnight, John
ACTA Publications, Chicago
Publication Date
1 January 1993
Community Development
United States

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