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Brendan's story

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Another story by a parent about the decision that their son would "live his life to the full" starting with his education at both pre and school age levels. The parent talks about the way that many professionals see only deficiency rather than ability, and says that parents must not give in - they need to 'shop around' for professionals who are genuine in their desire to be positive and to help facilitate inclusion. Secondly, he/she discusses the effect that Brendan's inclusion had on their other son: if Brendan had been segregated, their son would have felt rejected too. Thirdly, she/he talks about how other parents at the school eventually believed that a regular education was not only good for Brendan, but for their children as well. The parent's last points are important: parents cannot do this alone and they need to gather friends, advocates and supportive professionals around them before they begin the journey towards full lives for their sons or daughters. Keywords: Education, School age

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Inclusion News (Western Australia) Volume 1 Issue 1
Publication Date
1 January 1994
Education, School age

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