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Beyond the Classroom: Involving Students with Disabilities in Extracurricular Activities at Levy Middle School


"Physical presence at school does not necessarily achieve integration; integration also involves social interactions and relationships...An important part of school life, for all children, is the various social and recreational activities such as school clubs, teams, and other organisations...The project described in this paper grew out of an interest in involving students with disabilities in school activities with non disabled students beyond the classroom setting. This paper describes the ways in which 6 students in one middle school special education classroom became involved in a variety of after school activities"(p.1-3). N.B. The students at this school are not fully included, rather they are part of a special classroom, attached to the regular school. Keywords: Education, School age, Social Activities

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Walker, Pam et al
Centre on Human Policy, Syracuse University
Publication Date
1 October 1988
Education, Social Activities, School age
United States

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