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At the Crossroads: Supported Employment Ten Years Later

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While this manuscript relates to experiences in the U.S., most of what the authors argue can be transferred directly to Australia. While supported employment has grown rapidly in the past decade, there are still numerous challenges facing such a movement. One of the major challenges is that the movement still remains incomplete as, like Australia, the U.S.' system of activity centres and sheltered workshops remains intact. The authors also discuss other challenges such as the need to expand consumer choice and self determination and the need to promote meaningful employment outcomes. The authors also provide proposed solutions and ultimately remain optimistic of the future arguing that new options for integrated employment are now present in many communities, with an increasing rate of people participating. Consumers and families are the agents to make these changes. Professionals must work with them to meet these new goals. Keyword: Employment

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Wehman, Paul Kregel, John
Rehabilitation Research and Training Centre on Supported Employment, Virginia Commonwealth University (USA)
Publication Date
1 January 1994
United States

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