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All Children Should Know Joy - Inclusive, Family-Centred Services for Young Children with Significant Disabilities

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This article reviews the Circle of Inclusion Project (CIP), a Kansas based service which runs inclusive, family centred services for young children with significant disabilities. Drawing from case studies, it is shown that children with significant disabilities integrated into mainstream settings experience greater social development than their peers in special education pre-schools. Friendships between peers, with and without disability, can form without adult intervention, as pre-schoolers have not yet developed judgmental attitudes. By developing accepting attitudes from an early age, inclusion also has a positive effect on non-disabled children.

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Barbara Thompson, Donna Wickham, Jane Wegner, Marilyn Ault
Circle of Inclusion Website
Publication Date
22 May 2005
Attitudes, Child Care, Community Development, Ethics, Families, Friendship, Pre-school aged
United States

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