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All Children Belong Together - QPPD Overview of Inclusive Education 1989-2009

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During the past two decades there has been a push to improve the inclusion of students with disabilities in the mainstream education system. These efforts have been supported by international human rights and Australia's own legislation; however the impetus to move forward and deliver an inclusive education has been hampered by the lack of a clear definition of what inclusion actually is. QPPD, with the assistance of the author, and others, has fully defined inclusion by outlining the history, providing definitions, terms of reference, an approach to government (with the aim of filtering through the education system) and concludes by stating that there is still a long way to go before all members of our society can enjoy social inclusion. This article will help provide the impetus.

Lynn Walmsley
Queensland Parents for People with a Disability
Publication Date
1 April 2009
Families, Professionals
Education, Families, Inclusion, Professionals

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