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Acting against disability discrimination: A practical manual for using the Disability Discrimination Act


"This is what the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA)...aims to do. It places obligations on a whole range of people throughout the community to genuinely uphold the fundamental entitlement of people with disabilities to the same rights and opportunities as all other Australian citizens" (p.1) This manual explains how the DDA works, what it says and the ways it can be used to remedy some of the unfair things which are done to people with disabilities, and prevent those things from occurring in the first place. It is not the aim of the manual to provide definitive answers on every question which might arise in relation to the Act. It is intended to help anybody involved in supporting people with disabilities to deal with discrimination issues. Note: The manual is meant to be read in conjunction with the Act and its amendments. Keyword: Legal

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Parsons, Ian Tait, Sue
Commonwealth of Australia
Publication Date
1 January 1994

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