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A Transition to a New Way of Thinking (reprinted in Interaction, Vol.1 No.1, 1997, p.26-29)

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In this extract from his book 'Unlocking the Imagination', Duffy points out the constraints of what he calls 'the Professional Gift model' of delivering human services. This (all too familiar) model is based on what professionals decide is needed, thus taking away individual choice and autonomy, with obvious ramifications for an individual's quality of life. Duffy proposes instead 'The Citizenship model', which sees the individual living as a member of their community. The role of the purchaser in this model is to promote the relationship between the individual and their community. In recognising that people with disability are entitled to the same rights to citizenship as are enjoyed by the rest of the community, the Citizenship model can bring about a new way of thinking and with it, new challenges. Keywords: Professionals, Community Development

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Duffy, S
Unlocking the Imagination
Publication Date
1 January 1970
Professionals, Community Development

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