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A Stitch in Time: A study into the respite care needs of families with disabled children in Victoria


This study on respite care by the Children's Bureau of Australia (a non government agency that pursues three main activities nation wide - research, advocacy and information services relating to children) "examines its use for disabled children, providing a comprehensive overview of the characteristics of the population studies and parents' knowledge and use of respite care services. It goes on to analyse factors associated with the use or non use of respite care and the implications of these findings....The implications of the study and the recommendations coming from it provide important directions for the focussing of respite care services, for identifying groups who are less likely to be aware or make use of them, and for developing greater flexibility in the type and the use of these services"( Keywords: Respite, Families

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Szwarc, Barbara
The Children's Bureau of Australia, Moorabin (Victoria)
Publication Date
1 January 1988
Respite, Families

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