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A Proud Label: exploring the relationships between disability politics and gay pride

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The author shows that the links between disability politics and gay pride are strong - the beauty and dignity of difference, the celebration of diversity and the pride in a valued identity. She believes that to demonstrate the connections between different experiences of oppression (whilst avoiding crude generalisations) is an extremely valuable process. In this sense, the article deals with having power at the 'margins' (of society) and how such power challenges and acts to change the 'centre'. There are many other issues explored; the idea of difference and the paradoxes it invokes (e.g. the push to be 'normal' whilst feeling proud of oneself at the same time, and the problems in feeling you have to assimilate vs. the knowledge there is about devaluation and its consequences) and a brilliant discussion on the idea of dual oppression. Keyword: Self Determination

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Corbett, Jenny
Disability and Society Volume 9 Number 3
Publication Date
1 January 1994
Self Determination

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