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Forest Grove School District in Oregon (USA) is one of a few entire education districts that have moved from a traditional system based upon segregated special schools and units into a system which is well on its way to including and teaching all children in regular classrooms. What is interesting about Forest Grove is that while the process of change involved a whole range of people, it was the special ed. teachers who first approached the administration to tell them they thought the system was wrong. This booklet is a combination of overhead - style sheets which outline the district's beliefs, practices (classroom and administration), framework and desired outcomes, around education in general. What stands out in this booklet is that the whole framework is positive; all students can and will learn, the system must support students to become great and emphasis on positive exit outcomes. Keyword: Education, School age

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Forest Grove (USA) School District
Publication Date
1 January 1990
Education, School age
United States

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