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A Parents Determination and a Pre K Dream Realized

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Rachel was born with a degenerative disease called Canavan Disease. Her mother Sherri Epstein wanted Rachel to have the best that life had to offer but this was not going to happen without a fight. Sherri attended the IEP, which was going to determine which school Rachel was to attend. At the IEP, a teacher asked Sherri, "What do you expect my role to be?" Sherri answered, "To include Rachel in everything you do with the other children." This article shows how children without developmental disabilities, benefit from having children with developmental disabilities in their classroom and how it improves the quality of life for the child with developmental disability.

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Sherri H. Epstein & Ann G. Bessell, Ph.D.
EP Magazine
Publication Date
1 January 1970
Attitudes, School age, Inclusion
United States

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