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A New Way of Thinking


This book outlines a new way of thinking which has bought about significant change for people with developmental disability in the state of Minnesota, USA. A 'new way of thinking' focuses on what has been learned about people with disability, what people with disability are capable of doing, what is important in their lives, and how they can be supported in communities. This perspective, supported by changes in policy, focuses on outcomes: living in real homes, learning in regular schools and working in real jobs. Included are suggestions on how policymakers, professionals and board members, friends, neighbours and the community as a whole can support this new vision for people with developmental disability. [See also File No. 115 (video): A New Way of Thinking]. Keyword: Inclusion, Government

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Governor's Planning Council on Developmental Disabilities
Publication Date
1 January 1987
Government, Attitudes
United States

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